Our Commitment: The Right Pump at the Right Price

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Yes, the Bison Pump can pressurize a tank! Always has, always will.

In order to determine the right pump and a firm price, we need to have the following information:

Please turn off the power to your electric pump, remove the well cap and take these four simple measurements (use this checklist)

  1. Well Casing Height. Measure the well casing from ground level to the top of the casing to ensure that your Bison Pump® is high enough to use easily.
  2. Outside Diameter of Well Casing. Place the tab end of the tape measure on the outside and measure the widest part.
  3. Inside Diameter of Well Casing. Place the tab end of the tape measure on the inside of the well casing and measure the widest part on the inside.
  4. Static Water Level. This is the distance from ground level to the top level of water in your well. Before you take this measurement, make sure that your pump hasn’t pumped any water for 30 minutes for the most accurate measurement. To obtain the static water measure, drop a weighted string down into the casing until you see or hear it hit the water. Mark the string, remove it and measure the string to your mark. This will give you the static water level of your well.
  5. Liner, Wire Stand-Offs or Torque Arrestors. Look down inside your well casing and note if there are any liners, wire stand-offs or torque arrestors. These may make it difficult to put pipe and cylinder inside your well casing.
  6. Room For the Cylinder. Bison Pumps has a 1 ½ – 3” cylinder. If you have a pitless adapter in your well casing (if you have pipes underground to your home), check to see what diameter of cylinder will fit past your pitless adapter. In most standard 6” casings, a 3” cylinder will pass.
  7. If you have silt or sand in your water, you will want to consider purchasing a silt screen.

Answer these questions to find your Bison Pump. Is your static water level less than 25 vertical feet?  Are you working from a pressurized water line? (see our playground pump kit).

Yes, go to A.  No, go to B

A. Click on the appropriate application:

For use in the home, on a cistern, well head or with a rainwater collection system

Installation near seawater or to pump seawater

Transferring water from a freshwater source to a container

B. Is your application for residential (3-7 gallons per minute) or commercial (12-15 gallons per minute)?


Worried we may not be able to solve your specific application? Don’t be! We have a technician available to discuss your needs and customize a pump just for you!


If you need help, please call a Bison Pumps representative at 1-800-339-2601.