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New Bison Pump Installation in Illinois

Illinois Install

Innovative Maine Company Provides Dependable Drinking Water

Are you looking to buy land in Maine to build an off grid, strategic location property?  Maine has some great properties for sale that will fit your needs.  There are a lot of criteria to consider but a few basics hit the top of the list.  Today, let’s just look at the basic need of drinking water.

After listening to the news about the California water shortage, I realize how blessed we are in Maine.  Being born and raised here, I do not remember a time we ever had to ration water.  The quality of drinking water in Maine is excellent.  Once in a while you may run into some higher mineral contents but nothing a filtration system can’t fix.

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There's Nothing Without Water

Whether it’s for growing food, cleaning, for the animals, or for us, no one can survive long without good clean water.   We’re fortunate to live where we have relatively shallow, and very clean well water.  This water tastes better than city water, doesn’t have any additives such as fluoride, and we don’t have to worry about something happening to the city water supply and suddenly being cut off.

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Konbit Sante Selects Bison Pumps for Cap Haitien Water Wells

In a unique collaboration, Bison Pumps and Konbit Sante have worked together to design a pump specifically for high use and extra durability in one of the world’s poorest areas. Konbit Sante, a non-profit organization whose name in Creole means working together for health, has spent the past decade to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare at the Justinian Hospital. The hospital is located in Cap Haitien, a northern town in Haiti.

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Hand Pumps: An Option for Back-Up Water Pumping

Last month Jerelyn and I enjoyed a four-day vacation in Maine—a combined trip to visit family, explore Acadia National Park, and go to the Common Ground Fair—my first visit there in two or three decades!

The highlight of the Common Ground fair for me was coming across a little company,Bison Pumps, based up near Fort Kent, Maine (in WAY northern Maine) that makes really slick hand pumps. These pumps are sort-of like the ones our grandparents used, but they’re built with much greater precision and work much better.

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Hand Pump Inside the House

Hey, all. Wanted to get this thing hooked up to see if it would work like the guys at Bison Pumps said it would.

I live in the country and have a well, fairly shallow, with a submerged pump that supplies my pressure tank system. Anyways, I picked up a Bison shallow well pump and hooked it up to the feed inside the house that comes from the well. I just cut into the 1" plastic pipein the house and ran a tee off it to supply the hand pump. I've got two ball valves on it so that EITHER the hand pump is on OR the electric system.

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Fresh Water Without Electricity - Frost-Free Bison Hand Pump

What everyone wants when the electricity goes down for very long is WATER – available, clean water. It’s not a common first-world problem, so we don’t often think of not having enough readily available water to drink, flush toilets, do laundry, cook, bathe, and the list goes on. Unless we know someone who’s been in this uncomfortable situation and had to leave, it’s not usually on our radar. Without electricity, your water faucets will not give you water and neither will your reverse osmosis system. A home can’t really function without a source.

Water is your most essential need.

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EricsProjects - Hand Water Pump Installation

This pump was purchased through Lehmans.  When it arived, I discovered that it was made in Maine by Bison Pumps, whom I contacted for assistance.  They listened to what I wanted to do, answered my questions, then helped me figure out what parts I needed to connect the pump to my well.

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Review Our Water Preparedness: Bison Pumps

Water is THE top priority when thinking ‘preparedness’, without water, the rest of our preparations really don’t matter!

We have water on our land, a fantastic producing well!  Problem is, without power, no water. We knew that we needed to get a deep well hand pump.  We just didn’t know what we really needed and which option would be best for us. Of course everyone we talked to had ‘the answer’ we wanted to hear, but this is a major decision in our preps; water is KEY.  We wanted some solid answers, with a solid product, that WE could install…without a hassle. We were pretty sure that what we wanted just didn’t exsist; we were pretty sceptical, to say the least.

Enter Bison Pumps.

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A Manual Well Pump for Grid-Down Scenarios: The Bison Pump

Guest post by Stephen Clay McGehee who blogs at The Southern Agrarian.

image by Stephen Clay McGehee

When we decided to add manual pumping capability to our electric pump well, it came down to two alternatives – the Simple Pump or the Bison Pump. Both are designed for different uses, so one is not necessarily “better” than the other. They are, however, verydifferent. We chose the Bison pump. Before we discuss the Bison pump, let’s look at the Simple pump.

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A Hand Pump for Sasha

Sasha BakerIf the house and the pump look like the previous testimonial, it is because they are the same.  I couldn't resist giving Sasha her own testimonial page.  She looks so content.  Obviously the installation wasn't too stressful on her.  Her owner said she'd been abandoned as a puppy with her 4 siblings.  She has a glass eye, is 2 years old, and is currently living "a dog's life".  I wish I could reach through the screen and pat her.  Thanks again for the pic, Dave.  Enjoy your Bison Pump.

In Awe of the Bison Pump - Cylinder Yield

Cylinder 3Just wanted to let you know I received the pump today. Everyone is checking it out and complimenting the quality. I knew of your pumps so I was not surprised . The rest of my crew is in awe. I cannot wait to install it for the client. The one question they have I cannot answer, and I am not sure if you can. Ok on a full pump stroke with the pump fully primed, how much water per stroke?

Thank you again for the fine product. Ray

ANSWER: Yes, Ray, we can. 3" cylinder 20 oz/stroke, 2 1/2" cylinder 12 oz/stroke, 2" cylinder 8 oz/stroke, and 1 1/2" cylinder 4 oz/stroke. Our shallow well one-piece 16 oz/stroke and our utility 8 oz/stroke.

A Bison Family Enjoying a Bison Pump

D Richardson's Son Enjoying a Drink from a Bison PumpThis is Noah Richardson, son of Bison Pumps' employee David and Angela Richardson, enjoying a nice cool drink provided by his brother Kody!

Bison Pumps "way ahead of everyone else"

How was the installation process? "We didn't have any problems putting the hand pump in. We had more problems dealing with the existing well pump than anything. In this area I think you are way ahead of everyone else."  L Vance - ID

Vance Loal

7 Year Old Pumping a Bison Pump

7 Year Old Pumping a Bison PumpLydia's dad, Steve, sent us this picture.  Sometimes people say a Bison Pump is hard to pump and Lydia is our answer to that myth!  Because Bison Pumps has 4 different size cylinder, there is a size that is right for everyone.  Steve purchased a 2" cylinder so it would be easy to pump and plenty of room for the cylinder and the future submersible piping.

Steve is building a new home for his wife and 2 kids and wanted water in the meantime.  He knows he will have the Bison for a lifetime of emergency water even once he gets electricity into his new home.  Good luck, Steve, and many thanks for buying a Bison Pump.

Protect Your Bison Pump at ALL Costs!

Pump in OhioMark and Barbara in Ohio thought "we would be blessed" to have this picture of their new hand pump installation.  As you can see by the picture, they are protecting their Bison Pump from being run over by installing pipes around the hand pump.  Hopefully, they will never be put to the test!

Thanks, Mark and Barbara, we was blessed to have this picture!

A Bison Hand Pump In Memory of Brad White

A Bison Hand Pump in Honor of Brad White

It is an honor and a privilege when a Bison Hand Pump is purchased to remember a loved one.  Brad White, son of well driller David White of Delaware, was killed in a car crash in 2007. David shared with us that planting flowers and caring for them is a cherished way to remember his son. He thought of a hand pump when the cemetery did not want to put in any device which would require electricity on an on-going basis. So he researched hand pumps and decided on a Bison Pump.  He drilled the well and with the assistance of another employee installed the Bison Hand Pump in under an hour.

David said in a note to Bison Pumps the "icing on the cake" was the added touch of stenciling "In Memory of Brad White" on the handle of the pump.

Thank you David White and family for allowing us the honor of remembering the life of your son with a Bison Hand Pump and providing the gift of water so that others may love and care for their loved ones as well; what a beautiful and generous gift you have given to many.

Bison Pump in Memory of Brad White

Installing a Bison Pump "artists, not engineers"

The pump arrived this week and we installed it yesterday. We had two hours before sunset and were determined. We had it installed in UNDER one hour and that included the mistake of forgetting to attach the handle to the rods, so we took off and re-installed… the whole time we were saying… this is BRILLIANT.  We are artists, not engineers or even very handy with any sort of plumbing but your designers are brilliant. The fail proof features (rope tied on already, the great paddle, the retrieval tool, and the PRE+THREADING…  thank you…

C & P (Brunswick, ME)

Bison Pumps Goes to Estonia!

Bison Pump in EstoniaWith Bison pump it does not feel like pumping, but gently inviting water to the ground".

Sweet words from Indrek of Estonia. Here is 6 year old Illika enjoying her Bison Pump.

Dreaming of Installing a Bison Pump

New Bison Pump InstallationJust wanted to let you know I finally got my pump installed this morning!  I had emailed the installation videos to my well man (center in photo) and he watched them just before going to bed last night.  He said this morning that he had dreamed about it and "installed that pump all night long!"  Interestingly, in his dream he smashed his thumb while putting in the pump  and cried out in his sleep, according to his wife.  First thing he did when setting up his work bench was smash his thumb in one of the leg joints!  After that, though, the installation went very well and the water came forth after only a few pumps of the handle.  My cousin, Ann, was present for the first pumping and loved the pump after trying it out.  The guys are going to start on her well this afternoon or tomorrow I think.  Hopefully, she'll be contacting you soon to get a pump just like mine.  Thanks so much for all your help and support.  It has been a great experience dealing with you and your company.  If the opportunity presents itself, I'll certainly recommend Bison to anyone else who's thinking about installing a hand pump.

Have a great day!

Sally - NC

Bison Pumps - A Solution to Many Pet Peeves


I have lost count as to how many Bison pumps I have installed in the last 6 years....

I once went looking for a better hand pump then what was available anywhere, and found the Bison online.. I thought to myself, now there is a pump that would actually hold up if I ever had to use the pump daily, or for a prolonged period...

I was correct. Since then the Bison team has proven their skills with solutions and innovation for some unique well head challenges...EACH time fabricating custom flanges etc...which functioned flawlessly (an artesian well with 11 GPM at the surface comes to mind).

A broad smile spread across my face when I opened the packaging on my most recent install..

There it was..the solution for one of my pet peeves....A modified conduit ell for the electric wire routing...In the past I have had to fabricate or modify to get a good seal and passage for the wire
entry.....again Bison has gone beyond just building a great pump...then I saw the new style of breather airtight installs have a better way to breath as the static level moves up and down the well.

I am writing this lengthy email as a salute to fine engineering and thoroughness...and to tip my hat to Bison team !

Thanks guys and gals!   Gary - Tenino, Wa.

In the Event of Forest Fire, Use a BISON PUMP!

Bison Hand Pump vs Forest Fire!

Dear Hand Pump gods,

I just thought I’d tell you how pleased I am with your pump. I purchased it a few years back as I wanted something that would work for a musher and his dog team who lives off the grid. It has never failed to work even with Alaska’s sub zero winters temperatures to keep my dogs and I in water.

The 20th of May it came through for me in a way I’d never have dreamed. On the Kenai we had a forest fire break out that ended burning up over 195,000 acres. At times the wind would rain down on my cabin ash as if I was in a snowstorm. Hooking up a garden hose with a sprinkler attached to your pump, I was able to pump literally for hours on end, for several days, and keep my grounds soaked with water. It was the first time I’d ever pumped it for such long intervals, and it performed as I expected, perfectly!

I’d reconmend your Bison hand pumps to anyone seeking a pump that will not fail and will last them their lifetime. Thank you for such an excellent product.

Respectfully, Bill

Beautiful Deep Well Hand Pump in Northern Maine

At times, our Harbison Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning staff get to install a BisonPleased in with Installation in Northern Maine Pump locally. Pete from Caribou was pleased to show off his new deep well hand pump installed by the owner, Dave and son, Jon.

Most people install their own hand water pumps. The installation videos are all online on our YouTube Channel Bison Pumps.

Although, Pete is in northern Maine where freezing is always an issue most of the year, the Bison Deep Well Hand Pump does not freeze. As part of the installation instructions, installers are advised to drill a weep hole in the last piece of pipe (toward the top) below the frost line, so excess water will drain when not in use.


New Deep Well Hand Pump in Northern Maine

New Deep Well Hand Pump Installation in Massachusetts

Deep Well Hand Pump(Recent pictures of a deep well hand pump installation in Massachusetts)

I just wanted to thank you all again and send you a few pictures of your pump this spring that my wife and I put in last fall. It works great and has given us much confidence during the many power outages that we have way up on a hill here. With wood heat, propane cooking and your pump we can be fairly self sufficient here.

Take care and thanks again! Ken in Massachusetts

 Deep Well Hand Pump






Deep Well Hand Pump

Water Without "The Man" Using a Bison Hand Water Pump

Angel from Suninthebeeches Farmstead shared pictures from the installation of her Bison hand water pump with us.  As you can see, she had everything spread out like we ask. She thought the welds "were pretty".  (I won't tell the guys you used the word "pretty"!)

Hand Water Pump InstallationHand Water Pump Installation

This happy customer loved the "security" of having a Bison Pump and not being dependent on electricity. As you can see, there are three men helping with the installation.  We recommend two, but three is never a crowd. The ladder was to stand on while they held the pipe straight up in the air. In the instructions, we advise against trying to install more than one 8' piece at a time. People like to join them all together and then try to install in, but that strains the pipe and may cause the stainless steel rod to bend.

Hand Water Pump InstallationHand Water Pump Installation

Installation is done... and everyone is happy! Enjoy!

Hand Water Pump InstallationHand Water Pump Installation

This Bison Deep Well Pump was installed in 2011 in Pennsylvania. More pictures are available on Angel's Facebook page... at Suninthebeeches Farmstead.

If you have a testimonial or pictures to share, please send them to! There are never enough pictures of our pumps.

Thanks again for what a business should be.

To the Personnel of Bison Pumps,

Shallow Well Hand Pump InstallationThanks especially to Lee and Judy for their support in ordering, purchasing and helping me in completing the installation of the Bison Shallow Well Pump.   Your company is so well organized and I was so impressed with your professionalism.  You must always have kept a file with the information I gave you on each phone call over the last year and had your master plumper confirm that this was the system I needed and could utilize.  I never had to re-explain my specs or desires.  The quality of the pump is way beyond any product I have ever purchased and your assistance was always just a phone call away.  What a great experience working with you.  The project has been completed and I am more than impressed.  System works great!  Several friends are already interested in purchasing a pump.   Here are some photos.  Thanks again for what a business should be.

Ron and Linda - Maine

Another Satisfied Customer!

During the  brutal deep freeze here in Northern Maine, we came home last night to no water ................ unfortunately the precautions we had taken to avoid this were not enough for this extreme low temps 🙁  I tried to get pictures as my daughter was outside pumping water from our Bison Pump to bring into the home to water the dogs and flush our toilet.  (She did quite a bit of pumping because the first bucket she pumped she spilled on the porch when she sat it down to open the door LOL)  Not only were the dogs thankful to get a good cold drink, it was nice to be able to wash my hands and brush my teeth.    Thank-you Bison Pumps !!          Kim from Maine

Thank You for a Quality Product

Bison Shallow Well Hand Pump InstallationRuss says, "thank you for a quality product!"  You are welcome, Russ!

Custom Pump at Baker Middle School in Washington

New Custom Pump Installation at Baker Middle SchoolCustom Bison Deep Well Hand Pump at Baker Middle School in Washington.

Special thanks to Berschauer Phillips Const. Co. for a wonderful installation.


Custom Bison Pump Installation

Hand Pumps: An Option for Back-Up Water Pumping

Thanks, Alex of the Resilient Design Institute for this blog!

Bison Pump Inline Pump and Cylinder Application

4" Inline Cylinder

Clyde's Well Service in Jay, Florida sent this picture of a 4" Inline Pump and Cylinder application.  In Florida, many of the well casings are 4" which require a Bison Inline Pump and Cylinder to work "inline" with your submersible.

"You Can Draw Water Through a Submersible Pump and Pressurize Your House!"

Bison Pumps Shallow Well Hand Pump Installed at Bruce Tanber's. He wanted to be able to draw water for the whole house.Hi Dave,

I just finished the installation of my new Bison Shallow well pump, and I couldn't be happier !!  The quality is second to none.  And the fittings you sent made it easy...

I wanted to install the pump in my basement and pressurize my whole house.  The video on your web site is what convinced me to try it ... everyone here said you can't draw water through my submersible pump,  but it does and works great.

Thanks for all your help and a great product ..... Bruce from Michigan City, IN

"It Was Easy and Fun to Do"

hand pump in shedI wanted to thank everyone there that helped me with selecting, purchasing, and installing my pump. I'm sending pictures of the project. It was easy and fun to do. I'll tell everyone I know how awesome this pump works.

Keith - Slidell, LA

"Our Bison Hand Pump is the Most Important Piece of Equipment We Own"

sewing table hand pumpIn the big picture of survival at our "Ponderosa", from a few days without electricity to something much longer, our Bison Hand Pump is the most important piece of equipment we own. I especially like being able to operate our pump from inside our house, which was a major factor in deciding to buy this pump. I know we are fortunate to have a high static water level.

Jim - Ceresco, NE

"I Am So Happy"


Dear Sirs,

It took a while to get my pump installed in place of the old pump (someone to do it). It is now in operation and I am so happy.

I can now pump water directly into my house alleviating the carrying of 5 gallon buckets. I can still manage that but know those days are numbered. What a gift for an old woman (sunny side of 70).

Everyone was so helpful, eager to know what I wanted and to offer alternatives – explaining all as I needed to know.

Even the template to locate bolt sites to fit on my existing stand turned out perfectly. The new pump slid through those openings like a glove on a hand.

Thank You for your patience and beautiful workmanship.
Carolyn - KY

"Pump is Nothing Short of Elegant in Its Design and Construction"


I am absolutely ecstatic about my new Bison pump. The package arrived without a hitch and everything we needed for installation was included. After reading through the manual several times, it took us under 2 hours to complete the installation. The pump is nothing short of elegant in its design and construction.

Thank you very much for all of your assistance in helping me spec out the perfect solution for my well!

All the best,
Veronica - Marin County, California
PS -- The dog in the photo is my pup Little Ricky, who was supervising our work quite intently.



"I Love My Bison Pump"

I love my Bison Pump. I called and received the help I needed for my exising well pump. The pump was received and was in perfect condition. I had it installed and the well guy said that it was very well put together and the instructions were extremely easy.

Ellie - Northern California


Greetings from Corvallis, Oregon.

I wanted to thank you for the valuable and plain information prior to ordering my well head and pump. Your helpful, uncomplicated, and knowledgeable answers eliminated all my questions. The material arrived without problem and the assembly instructions were first-rate and clear; so much so that my father-in-law and I were able to assemble the whole assembly in about an hour. This pump, with its construction quality, is a big worry off my mind. This is now the back-up water supply for us and our llamas when the inevitable power failures happen. Thank you again.

Bruce, OR

"I can fill a five gallon pail in about 1.5 minutes"

Thanks for all the assistance (especially Lee) in helping me with the purchase and installation procedure of my water pump. It works very well. .

Jaffrey, NH

"Everything came in perfect condition"

Hand Pump in Winter

Hello everyone at Bison Pumps,

I am writing to let you know how delighted I am with my new deep well Bison pump. Everything came in perfect condition and the workmanship of the pump down to the paddle is outstanding. The installation went flawlessly - the hardest part was fitting the last bolt through the pump handle. Thank you for providing me with such friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable service. I am attaching a photo of the pump, along with a rustic timber settler's cabin which I built several years ago on our farm. We don't live in this cabin but we use it on occasion to get away from the hustle of modern life. Now we have good fresh water to make it even a more joyful experience.

Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to you all.

Alberta, Canada

"Pretty much perfect"

Pretty much perfect! The fabricated collar worked perfectly. And really high quality materials....we were all impressed. Looks like a sculpture.

 Thetford Hills, VT

Open Channel Flow


Commissioned by the the Houston Arts Alliance for the City of Houston Sabine Water Pump Station. Project Management and Digital Fabrication: Metalab, Houston, TX

"The sixty-foot tall structure of 12- 8- and 4-inch steel pipes with amber and blue beacons on top stands inside the restricted grounds of the Sabine Water Pump Station. It is a much bigger, slightly more elaborate version of other pipe structures located on the Pump Station grounds. One pipe, like the branch of a large tree, leaves the Pump Station property, passes over the Pump Station fence and ends with a showerhead twenty-five feet overhead in Buffalo Bayou Park.

On the ground below the showerhead is an eight-foot diameter stainless steel drain cover and a contemporary version of an old-fashioned manual well pump. As one pushes down on the pump handle water rains down from the shower head twenty-five feet above. Simultaneously, and as a result of pumping water through the pipes, orange and blue twin beacons on top of the structure flash, signaling people as far away as downtown that another person has doused themselves with a refreshing, albeit brief, shower."

City of Houston Art Collection

"Installed the Pump in Less Than an Hour"

Cemetery Hand PumpTo Whom It May Concern:

My name is David. I am licensed Well Driller and pump installer in the state of Delaware. My business was started in 1939 by my grandfather.

I am writing this letter to you in regards to a recently purchased Bison deep well hand pump. I purchased this pump and donated a well and this pump to a local cemetery. My son, Brad, died in a car accident in February of 2007. I like to plant and care for various flowers around his headstone. There are also others who do this for their loved ones at this cemetery. That is why I came to the decision to install a well and pump. The cemetery association did not want the expense of electric to be run out there and the monthly costs that go with it so that is why I purchased a hand pump. I did a lot of research, both locally and through the internet. Although it was more expensive than most of the others, I chose the Bison pump.

When I received the pump, ( in 8 business days), I was very pleased with the packaging. One of my employees and I installed the pump in less than an hour. The effort it takes to pump water is surprisingly easy.

My family and I are extremely happy with the pump and the service that I received from the staff at Bison Pumps. The engraving on the handle of the pump with my son's name on it, was the icing on the cake. I would be more than happy for you to give my name and phone number to anyone who is inquiring about your pump. I would absolutely recommend the Bison pump to anyone in need of a hand pump.


David W.

June 23, 2009

"Can't Believe How Simple It Was"

I still can't believe how simple it was to get the Bison pump installed! My experience may not be typical, but it took about an hour and forty-five minutes from the point where I had all the parts laid out on the ground and ready to install, to the first pump of water.

Bison sends everything you need in the kit, and the quality of all the parts, pieces, and instructions are top notch. The Bison is made in Maine.

The instructions are some of the most well written I have seen, and were very easy to follow.

Each part in the Bison kit is robust and built to last. I was worried from looking at the online photos that the structure might be fragile, but it seems "overbuilt" and should last longer than I do...! There are no rough machined burrs or other rough surfaces, it's almost like a heavily-built piece of fine heirloom furniture.

I looked at some other pumps out there but after looking at all of them I decided Bison was the best equipment on the market. I have recommended Bison Pumps to my family as well. I'm very satisfied with my decision to go with Bison.

Batesburg, SC

"I'm getting pure sweet water"

"I'm getting pure sweet water ('The very best test on Westport Island' - Midcoast Energy Systems) from my Bison pump. Larry Oakes, my wellman, was so taken by your craftsmanship, he took the honor of pumping the first drop. We then all drew a glass and toasted to your and our success. (Since it is located only 75' from the ocean, its stainless steel is best for the elements here.) The pumps continues to draw sweet water and attention both here on the cove and in the community... Keep up the good work."

Park P. - Westport Island

"DELIGHTED with Our Bison Hand Pump"

First let me say we are DELIGHTED with our Bison hand pumpbison pump garden. We installed it for those 'infrequent' times when the power goes out (the joy of rural living) . But i just love it and use it anytime I need to fill my watering can or the dog outside water bowl (which i now keep at the pump right under the pump head). - Paulette

"Excellent Service!"

excellent hand pump

A note to thank you again for your excellent service in providing me with the Bison deep well pump. It has served my needs completely, where I had an existing drilled well at the former location of a barn that has been dismantled. The well sat unused for 20 years, with no practical means of getting power to it to install an electric pump. When I heard of your pumps, from an internet search, the information that you provided convinced me that this was the answer for my needs. It meets the water needs on my small hobby farm for 2 horses and 3 donkeys, plus giving me a back-up water source for my other well at the house. The pump, and all associated material & installation instructions, were all of excellent quality, and I had the pump installed and drawing water within two hours of beginning the installation. I was also very imressed with the quality of the workmanship and details that went into the pump design. It has been a very satisfactory experience, and I thank you again for your help and guidance to make this well work for me. Enclosed is a picture of the pump installed on the well casing. Please feel free to give my name for anyone in my area, who may be considering a Bison pump and would like to see one in action. Also please stop by and inspect it yourself if you are sometime in my area. 🙂

-Regards Wallace R.

"Best Pump I Could Find"

pool hand pumpMy Bison Pump is one of the best investments I have ever made. Not only does it look great, it also is the best working pump I have ever had. When I decided to put in my well, I searched for the best pump I could buy. Bison was my choice. I received more help and information from the company. I was right in choosing Bison. When the pump arrived I was concerned as to the installation of the pump, but with the directions afforded from Bison it was a snap. My wife and mother-in-law helped me assemble and put the pump in place in less than an hour. We are very pleased with the looks and operation of the pump, and recommend it to everyone. It is maintenance free and so easy to use that my five year old granddaughter can go out and pump a bucket of water. I can not say enough about Bison, it's the best. Thanks for everything!

- Dilliner, Pennsylvania

"I Appreciate the Bison Pump Setup"

washburn small shallow pump

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Bison Pump setup recently installed at our home.

Many people install generators to provide emergency power, but I did not want to go that route for the following reasons:

- Gasoline must be changed or used up from time to time and is getting expensive. An area must be provided that protects from fumes and noise. Hooking into the electrical system requires an electrician and special wiring to keep within code.

I have been looking for another way to obtain a water supply that is permanent, clean, and safe. I wanted to be independent of gas and electricity if there were a prolonged blackout. My Bison pump, along with a wood stove with a flat surface to heat water, and flourescent lanterns will keep our house comfortable for a long period. The quality of the pump construction is very high, from the stainless steel to the brass fittings. I am sure this will work trouble free for many years.

I had expected to pump water from the well and haul it upstairs in pails, but our Bison pump can be connected to our water system and I can keep water flowing from faucets and flushes by hand pumping as needed.

The Bison Pump will be useful for many people. Recommended without reservation!


- Washburn, Maine

"66 Foot Deep Well"

deep well pump - outsideWe have a 66' deep well with a 1/2 hp submersible pump. Provided we have electricity. The Great Ice Storm that struck the eastern part of the province in 1999 cut off our power supply for more than two weeks. We were forced to haul buckets of water from our pond for bathing, flushing toilets and watering our animals. Needless to say, we vowed to be better prepared next time, and so we purchased and installed a Bison BPH-125 hand pump. The installation was easy (a couple of hours work), and the pump works great without interfering with our submersible pump. I was particularly impressed by the stainless steel construction and well-fitted parts. My five year old son particularly enjoys pumping water for our livestock, and we are better prepared for emergencies. Thank you for providing us with an excellent product.

 - Ontario Canada

"Very Happy"

shallow-basin-hand-pump"I and my customers are very happy with the Bison Pump. I remember the days when my father and I would struggle most of the day with the old cast iron pumps to repair or replace them. I was just a few minutes all alone adding sections to a Bison Pump when the static level dropped in my customers well."

-Blue Hill, Maine

"Bison Pumps is First Class!"

"The only words that comes to mind to describe my dealings with Bison Pumps is First Class! I was treated like a good neighbor and friend from the very start. They answered all my questions and provided professional assistance to make the whole installation process go smoothly. They even tracked my shipment across the continent into Canada, advising me on its progress. Before I ordered the pump the wife was insistent that she did not want an “old hand pump” visible any where inside her home. Thankfully that all changed when the pump was unpacked. Her first words were, “Who would ever put this outside, it’s too nice to be sitting out in the yard”. Needless to say she’s happy having it in our home and we are both happy for the peace of mind it provides.

Of course all that really mattered to me was if the pump was going to last and what it would take to keep it working. So directly after placing the order I enquired as to what replacement parts I should purchase to ship with the order. The customer service person was silent for a moment and when she spoke sounded a little baffled. She said, “the only thing I can think of is a few O ring washers. But you will probably never need them.” She was right of course. Bison Pumps are built to last a long time which is obvious as soon as you see or pick one up. Definitely one of the best built products I have ever purchased."

Keith B.
Edgewood, British Columbia - Canada