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Bison Pumps

The Power of Water in Your Hands

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Our Expanding Product Line

Deep Well Hand Pumps

Deep Well Hand Pumps reach a static water level of 300' feet. Our deep well pumps can pressurize a tank, are self-priming and require no routine maintenance. There are deep well pumps that fit a variety of applications and work in conjunction with electric submersible pumps in most applications.

Shallow Well Hand Pumps

Shallow Well Hand Pumps reach a static water level of 25' or less. Our shallow well pumps can pressurize a tank, are self-priming and require no routine maintenance. These pumps are used indoors or outdoors with cisterns or rainwater collection systems.

Commercial Deep Well Hand Pump

This Deep Well Hand Pump is designed for high volume, continual use applications. This commercial pump and cylinder yields 15 gallons per minute, can pressurize a tank, and is a great resource for accessing water for off-grid homes, livestock, or community use.


Bison Pumps offers many accessories for all our hand pumps. From custom finishes and handles, to parts and pieces, Bison has what you need for your application.

What's New at Bison Pumps

The Redesigned Bison Commercial Hand Pump – 15 gallons per minute!

We’ve been promising the new design since earlier this year. Although it has taken longer than we wanted, we have accomplished all we set out to do and then some!
Our […]

Letter from the President of Bison Pumps

Reflections From Dave                        
I would like to ask for a moment of your time, if I may.  First of all, to all of you who own a Bison Hand Water Pump, […]

What Other Blogs and Websites Say About the Bison Pump

It is time to set the record straight on some of the comments in blogs or from other hand pump websites.  Here are some things being said:
“Bison cannot pressurize a […]

What to Consider When Purchasing a Hand Water Pump

I know in my house, when we are going to make a significant purchase, my husband goes to the internet for information. He will look at […]

Customizing a Bison Pump for a Fish?

We truly love innovation at Bison Pumps.  When customers come to us with special requests, it gets our creative juices going. Recently, we had the opportunity to modify our new […]

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a quality, durable and affordable handcrafted hand water pump that will serve them with years of dependable, uninterrupted access to their precious water supply. Our talented and gifted Maine craftsmen accomplish this mission using their many years of experience.

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